CAB – Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a formally designated group of community representatives on whom the Junior League of South Brevard, (JLSB) Inc. can call for assistance and advice on its overall program and/or on specific tasks or functions. The CAB will help educate the JLSB leadership and aid in determining pressing community needs within our focus area. The CAB can also help to identify primary resources of such information. CAB members can assist JLSB with long-term planning, help communicate the League’s purpose and programs to the community and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and projects. CAB members can alert the League to training resources within the community and advise us of organizations in the community that naturally fit with our focus that we should be partnering with and how can we ensure that partnerships are mutually beneficial. Additionally, CAB members are encouraged to nominate new candidates for League membership. With the CAB’s guidance and assistance, JLSB will be better able to fulfill its mission of improving the community. Each CAB members’ experience and expertise will round out the talents and skills of League members to affect positive change in our community!

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