Community Involvement

Done in a Day (DIAD) / Done in your Seat (DIYS)

The committee plans and implements one day community projects called DIADs. This committee also plans and implements opportunities for the JLSB membership to provide goods to charitable organizations at the General Membership Meetings (GMM) which are DIYS.  

State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC)

Over the last century, individual Junior Leagues have played an active role in educating the public on the pressing issues of the day and advocating for change, legislative or otherwise, on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

SPAC is an individual, apolitical Junior Leagues or coalitions of Junior Leagues within a state that form to educate and take action on public policy issues relevant to The Junior League Mission. Having begun to take shape in the 1930s, they are collectively governed by their member Leagues and the methods by which they operate vary by state as do the issues chosen for study and action.

JLSB is a member of the Junior Leagues of Florida SPAC and support the advocacy to protect Florida’s Children and Families.  Our priority issue areas for 2014 were at-risk youth, child safety and welfare, and health and hunger. More than 10 of the bills we supported were passed by the Florida Legislature. This legislation will:

  • Allow unaccompanied youth to consent to medical, dental, psychological, substance abuse, surgical diagnosis and treatment for themselves and their children
  • Limit the liability of public schools in donating canned/perishable food to charities/non-profits
  • Prevent an estimated 10,000 children from falling victim to identity theft each year. 
  • Raise the age requirement for children to be buckled in an appropriate safety seat, thereby significantly reducing the severity of injuries inflicted on children in auto accidents.
  • Help victims of human trafficking
  • Create more restrictions and increased penalties for sexual offenders and traffickers

In recent years, we have also supported aging out of foster care reform, the eradication of food deserts to help decrease family homelessness and hunger, legislation on cyber crimes related to sexual images of children sent electronically, and many more issues.

Community Research/Project Development (CRPD)

All existing projects are reviewed annually by CRPD. Consideration is given to community needs, current committee evaluation, availability of collaborating organizations, and availability of JLSB funds. Potential Projects shall be identified by the Committee and will identify community needs through research of the JLSB membership and the community at large. CRPD will present the projects to the general membership at the January GMM and membership will vote on the proposed projects at the February GMM.  CRPD also collects and distributes the grant applications received from other non-profit organizations for program funds.  For 2014/2015, the grants are $2,000 each to three (3) different organizations.  The grant application deadline is February 28, 2015 and funds will be distributed to the organizations receiving the grants at the April GMM.  Click here for the grant application and more information.

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